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Transmissions by Order- I build 4l60e, 4l80e, & 6l80e

6 october 2020, 4:17

Ohio, Vega

Price 930 USD

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ad transmissions by order- i build 4l60e, 4l80e, & 6l80e



Privat person / Business

Privat person

We specialize in 4l60e transmissions.

Dont buy one of those used junk yard transmissions just because the guy said it shifted. I rebuild them for just $930.00 fully rebuilt BETTER than brand new.

**Have it just like the photos for $165 more- includes shift kit- 1405 Hayden cooler - 3 Gallons of Fluid and 10 year Half Price rebuilds!

2005 can be $189 MORE...

Mine have more upgrades than anyone else for this price. And we have less than 3% issue rate. Since last May I have rebuilt at least 203 of these 4l60e's for customers, just like you, on market the place.

-Torque Converter

-Commercial Grade Sun Shell

-HD 2-4 band Kevlar

-Reverse Input Drum

-Double Race Sprag

-3&4 Alto Red Race Grade Pack

-Molded Pistons

-13 vain Pump

-All Bushings

-Remanufactured Solenoids

-TCC Correction

Installation Prices Depend on Model!

2wd- $300 to $450

4x4- $400 to $610

AWD- $430 to $610

The transmission you get will haul 10000lbs daily and hold 490 horse power at 1800rpm launch daily. It's so strong that we back it with a 3 years and Unlimited miles warranty on all that I rebuild and install and 1 year unlimited miles on all work that I do. Must install auxiliary cooler or new radiator and follow flush recommendations and warranty guidelines to redeem any warranty. 10 year guarantees can not be void.

Thank you for your questions I will answer as quickly as possible!

-Gary with Panther Pride Transmission Shop



Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson
online 1 year ago


10 november 2018




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Idk....last transmission he built for me lasted 306 miles.... Now had had my truck 3 and a half days and have not heard anything but was told i would hear back in 3 days...




06 Lincoln town car?


Ok thank you


No maam I can only provide GM rebuilds


Do you work on Honda Accord


Chette Jenkins, check this guy out. He might help you with your Dodge


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